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 Internet of Things
You won't be able to ignore IoT even if you want to. Build a custom solution on Internet of things with IoT Frameworks like Eclipse, IoTivity, Sitewhere etc  and devices like Raspberry Pi, Arduino / Genuino etc
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 Expert Systems in Natural Language Question Answering
Solutions in Natural Language Processing and Question Answering are fast becoming part of software solutions. Get on to fit business needs through those solutions.

Google Platform
Unlock the power of Google Cloud Platform and make your business lively and kicking by automating & integrating Google's Sheet, Docs, Forms, Sites, Drive, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Groups and Maps
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Big Data & Business Analytics with Machine Learning
Let the machines do the hard job of data crunching science to bring out the unseen business intelligence. With technologies like Hadoop, Spark, BI, it is not a far reach.


AI and Automation in S/W
 'Artificial Intelligence and Automation' is a powerful combination, if applied correctly, the cognitive computing would be immense benefit to software requirements engineering and testing.
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 Community Software - Share the Passion
Are you a geek; passionate about software development, design and architect? An infrastructure, community for annotating, comparing and bringing in the best technology, framework, api, library.