About Us

Our Culture

We at 'Jivrus' share the beliefs, values, and practices. 
Culture is the heart of 'Jivrus' and team is made up of it. 
We believe our culture unearths the 'potential', 'creativeness' & 'thinking' and  transform into 'performance', 'innovation' & 'doing'.

  • We solve customer problems & needs and cherish customer's success
  • We are a fusion of 'passion driven' and 'result matters'
  • We build innovative, next-generation solutions and products
  • We are open, honest and trustworthy

Work Environment

  • BYOD
Bring Your Own Device
Be comfortable with your own laptop, phone, data card, USB, etc. We trust you for the data security and personal integrity. We hired you as we trusted you.

  • Virtual Meetings 
Skype is our friend, several meetings happen virtual space. Keep a good quality head phone, and be on time for the meeting.


Our people have following traits
  • Passionate
  • Accountable
  • Go-getters and gets things done
  • Learn aggressively!
  • Genius
  • Continuously refactor not just software

Our Story 

We are busy building our story very passionately. Watch out this space...

Licenses and Policies

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