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Custom Built Solutions

Powerful Inventory Management

Integrate your inventory management with Google Sheets to manage the inventory data at ease. 

Cratejoy Logo

Cratejoy Subscription Box Marketplace

Integrate your subscription business and the mange the data with Google Sheets 

The electronic commerce and cloud computing company

Interface with Amazon's range of powerful APIs from online stores to cloud computing from the comfort of google apps (sheets, docs etc)

Zoho, the web-based online Office Suite and CRM

Bridge ZOHO's wide range of applications with Google's wide range applications so that they can inter-operate.


Custom CRM Apps
Every Business needs CRM App

Yes, every business needs CRM App, but CRM systems are not that affordable. Build a custom CRM app specially made for your needs on Google Apps with your favorite Sheets, Forms, Gmail, Calendar apps.

Medical Consultant - App
Custom Medical Reports Apps
Every consultant can gain from Google Apps

The "Medical Consutlant - App" simplifies the life of independent medical consultant or clinic by generating personalized and customized report for their patient based on the Google Form/ Custom Form inputs.

& Services

Shipping Software That Makes Your Life Easier.

Monitor your shipping and manage the data by integrating ShipStation with the Google Sheets

Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Do you Salesforce? Integrate with Google Sheets to get a simple view of sales, service, marketing etc. 

More ways to sell than ever before

Interface Google Apps with Shopify APIs to mange the online store and MIS information.

All your Business Financials Organized in One Place.

Spread your accounts and book keeping into Google sheets for a simpler view and better data management


Custom Dashboard Apps
Visualize the business

A picture is more powerful than thousand words. A dashboard is more effective than reports. Visualize key insights of your business data through Dashboards with Google Sheet & Charts


A 'must have' tool for brand or specific interest monitoring.

Monitors RSS/ATOM feeds for specific keyword in title or description and stores in Google Sheet. Read more...

Get your accounts into Google sheet

Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks is an application that integrates QuickBooks with Google Sheets and helps users to get data from several objects and reports into Google Sheet. Read more...

Get tweets into Google Sheet

Jivrus Integra for Twitter is an application that integrates Twitter with Google Sheets and helps users to get twitter feeds and data into Google Sheet. Read more...

Get Facebook metrics into Google sheet

Jivrus Integra for Facebook Insight is an application that integrates Facebook with Google Sheets and helps users to get Facebook Insight Metrics. Read more...

Jivrus' REST Assured
Easy integration with any REST API

Best effort to bring out the JSON structure into two dimensional Google Sheet View 

Jivrus' FormDocs
Form to Docs Integration in a simple and user friendly manner

This add-on is an answer to the struggles of several customers on complex template engines, document merges etc. This takes out all complexities and gives only what you need to merge form response with Google Docs