Jivrus' Feed Monitor

What is it?

Jivrus' Feed Monitor is a google sheet add-on tool which can monitor the RSS/ATOM feeds for the given keyword in the Title or Description.

The Add-on can be reached at Jivrus Feed Monitor Google Sheet Add-On

Why do you need it?

Jivrus' Feed Monitor tool is a 'must have' tool for monitoring any brand or specific interest in the internet especially on the news. 
  • A cricket fan wants to monitor all T20 related news from BBC, he/she can take BBC's cricket news RSS feed and monitor for "T20" in the title or description.
  • A business marketer wants to monitor his company product names getting mentions in Times News. He can take times news RSS feed and monitor for mention of his brand in the title or description

How to install it?

Create new or open any sheet in Google Sheets. Goto menu "Add-on" and click "Get Add-on" and search for "Jivrus Feed Monitor". 
Install it and start using it.

How to use it?

It is very simple to use Jivrus' Feed Monitor tool. Once the add-on is installed, the menu items appear in add-on menu

Click on 'Create New Feed Monitor' to create a feed monitor

To manage existing feedback monitors, click on 'Manage Feed Monitors' option