Jivrus' Integra for Twitter


"Jivrus Integra for Twitter" is an application that integrates Twitter with Google Sheets and helps users to get twitter feeds and data into Google Sheet.
  • This add-on can be setup to do key activities like querying Twitter for particular keyword, brand etc, and get tweets of user/ home/ mentions/ re-tweet timelines.
  • This add-on is very useful for tracking twitter for business/brand visibility
Key features include
  • Search Twitter - All search features provided by Twitter Search API are available
  • Get Various Timelines
  • Stores the results into separate sheets as configured in the query
  • Automatic refresh of results

How to install it?

Create new or open any sheet in Google Sheets. Go to menu "Add-on" and click "Get Add-on" and search for "Jivrus Integra for Twitter". 
Install it and start using it.

How to use it?

1. Authenticate and Authorize Twitter connectivity

Click on Start menu in the add-on menu items and follow the screenshots

Click on "Sign in with Twitter"

Click on "Authorize app" 

When successful, you get the below message

2. Create Queries and get data

Once authorized, the add-on shows screen to create or edit queries

3. Sample Queries and Results

Search Tweets for "Trump"

Home Timeline

User Timeline

Please remember to give feedback at 

Happy Tweeting and Tweet harvesting !