Unravel the limitless potential of Internet of Things

The IoT Pyramid


Monitor and track vehicles in real time with map and earth overlays gives you a tremendous advantage over traditional tracking. 
  • Manage freights and track status & geo moves. 
  • Smart utilization of parking space, car park identification and routing.
  • Inter-freight communication to synchronize deliveries
  • Shipping containers with satellite tracking

Internet of Things in healthcare is immensely helping the health management
  • Wearable technology which monitors BP, pulse, glucose, ECG etc
  • General fitness monitoring to well being of self and loved ones
  • Efficiency of reducing HAI (healthcare associated infections)
  • Enhanced utilization of medical devices

Manufacturing is going through revolutionary changes with Internet of Things.
  • Connected machines in the factory's production line with M2M communication
  • Asset management and enhanced SCM logistics
  • Perform predictive maintenance of the equipment/ parts
  • Self organized capacity planning and management based on the demand
  • Unified performance dashboards

Smart Everything
IoT helps to make everything smarter, smart homes, smart cities and smart 

Safety and Security
Safety and security is everyone's concern. Connected everything brings in security concerns as much of advancements it brings.

Devices, Platforms and Frameworks

Prototype your IoT Business 

Go To Market quickly with easy IoT software and hardware. 

Raspberry Pi
Prototype your IoT Business 

Go To Market quickly with easy IoT software and hardware. 

We work on variety of devices, platforms and frameworks for our customer to achieve their dream projects in IoT including Wind River, Intel, Ubuntu Snappy, Eclipse Platforms etc.

Together we build your IoT projects' success
Solution and Services

The IoT Ecosystem

The IoT ecosystem is a organized stack of various hardware and software components and their interactions to achieve business value. The typical components are 
  • Sensors
  • Processors
  • Gateways
  • Networks
  • Cloud Servers
  • Analytics
  • Visualization and Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence
  • Workflows and Actions

Jivrus' Role Play

We at Jivrus are experiencing and building up expertise in several areas of IoT system life cycle. We have the zeal and zest to travel the untraveled roads and help our customers do things which were never done before.
  • Consulting (Idea and PoC)
  • Implementation (Prototype and development)
  • Testing 
  • Deploy and Scale
  • Analytics 
  • Manage

The IoT Testing Challenge & Jivrus

Unlike other systems, building a test bed for IoT has its own challenges. With IoT, you are building your own stuff to solve a problem or attend to a revolutionary need. Below are the questions, to which we help our customers getting answers
  • How do we test a sensor and it's interaction with cloud server via router/gateway? 
  • Would we be rebuilding everything at test bed? 
  • How do we make cost effective testing platform?
  • How do we make testing repeatable, automated, orchestrated?
  • How do we do continuous delivery and continuous testing? In customers' language, how do we find the integration issues quicker?
It is a journey of learning, sharing, value adding and most importantly exciting. And we are passionate about it.