The users explicitly agrees with the following license agreement.


The add-on works on Google's GSuite platform.


Authentication and authorization of access is controlled by Google. Users need to accept permissions to use the add-on


The add-on does not take keep any authentication and transaction data. However user information and activities are tracked by the add-on to provide better services


The add-on if has a commercial version, it is charged on annual subscription basis. There is no provision to give refund.


Service of this add-on depends on Google's GSuite platform, APIs, environment availability and external system's availability. Since this add-on is dependent on, there is no guarantee or warranty for the service provided. However a best effort will be taken to restore services if it is technically feasible to restore.


Subscription fee does not include support, however a best effort support will be provided on email through If you need additional support, please write to with details.