Fillable Document for GSuite


“Fillable Document” makes Google document as live fillable form and store data, publish merged document with email notifications.

This “Fillable Document” add-on opens Google document as live fillable form with the ability to store data into Google spreadsheet, publish merged document as Google document & PDFs along with templated notifications.

This add-on makes template processing easy with Google document. It comes very hand when you want to generate proposal, contracts, agreements, certificates… anything that you have a template.

The fields are marked with ${field name} style in document or can be created in the sidebar and inserted into the document.

The data filled in the google document can be stored into a spreadsheet destination and be published as doc and PDF into a Google drive folder.

How to install it?

Create new or open any of your Google Document template. Go to menu "Add-on" and click "Get Add-on" and search for "Fillable Document". 
Install it and start using it.

Or you can directly reach the add-on using this link in Google Chrome Web Store 

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How to use it?

There are two broad areas 
  • Setup the form, fields, destination and notification.
  • Open as form to publish and notify.


  • Click on "Add-on" > "Fillable Document" > "Setup". You get the following screen.

  • Move to "Form" tab Setup the Form Destination & Email Notification

  • Setup Destination Spreadsheet (Optional)
        You can setup the destination spreadsheet in which form data to be stored

You can let the add-on create a new spreadsheet or choose existing spreadsheet using Google picker

You can browse to the destination spreadsheet by clicking on the icon highlighted below.

  • Setup Destination Folder
You can let the add-on create a folder or select an existing folder in which the document needs to be published as Google doc & pdf.

You can browse the folder by clicking on the icon highlighted below

  • Setup Delivery Options
        You can setup the delivery with attachment options and email template as below.

Clicking on "Edit Email Template" brings the below screen to setup the email template

  • Move to "Fields" tab create or setup the Fields in the Document

  • You can create new field by clicking in "Create New Field"
  • You can edit the field by clicking on the field to change the name or type etc.
  • The available field types are listed in the drop down to choose from

  • You can insert the field into the document using the below icon
  • Now you are done with setup

Open the Document as Form

  • Move to "Start" tab
  • Click on "Open as Form" button, you see the below screen
  • Fill the fields in the document (In this example, an offer letter template document is used.)
  • Once done with filling all the fields, click on "Publish Document"

  • Click on "Open" buttons to open as Google document or PDF
  • The PDF appears similar to the below

  • To send email notifications, click on the "Send Email" button. You will see below screen.

  • You can make any modification on the To, Cc, Subject and Message fields and then hit on "Send" button.
  • The email is delivered to the mentioned email ids. A sample looks like the below

Explore and generate your documents from template and deliver.

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