How to Rate & Comment G Suite Marketplace?

How to rate and comment on Add-ons on G Suite Marketplace?

What is G Suite Marketplace?

G Suite Marketplace (formerly Google Apps Marketplace) is a product of Google Inc. It is an online store for web applications that work with Google Apps (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, etc.) and with third party software. Some Apps are free. Apps are based on Google APIs or on Google Apps Script.

How to search and view add-ons?

Follow the below instructions to search and view add-ons;

  • Search for "G Suite Marketplace" in google search or click

  • In the search box search for "Jivrus".

  • There you can find all our Jivrus add-ons.

  • Select the required add-on and install it.

  • Users can filter apps by selecting how it works (i.e, works with Google Drive, Google Sheets etc..)

How to provide rating and comments?

  • Users can provide rating and comments in G Suite Marketplace once they have installed the add-on.

  • In rate & review section rate the add-on with the required stars.

  • In the comment box write the required detailed review and submit the review.

Why it is important for us (Jivrus)?

Your ratings and reviews are very much helpful to us, this will help us by giving the needed fuel to run faster and work more efficiently.