GSuite Automation

We are a leader in providing custom solutions and services to automate your business processes across GSuite products.

  • Developing Web Apps, Add-ons, custom scripts using Google Apps Script Programming
  • Integration between GSuite products (e.g. Submission of Google Form to create Google document, slide & PDF and deliver those as email)
  • Integration between GSuite and outside products (e.g. Submission of Google Form to create a customer in your CRM software and invoice in your accounting software)
  • Template and Document processing
  • Google Site development for Internet and Intranet
  • Event management
  • Enterprise app Integration via G Suite (e.g. create a folder in Google Drive when a new opportunity created in Insightly CRM)

Products & APIs : Google Forms, Sheets, Slides, Docs, Sites, Drive, Calendar, Groups, Tasks, Map, Contacts, Gmail, App Maker etc

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App Development

We build professional Web and Mobile applications to automate your business

  • Responsive and Progressive Web applications that work the best for desktops, tablets, mobile and extra large devices
  • Scope, design, develop, deploy and maintain applications - the full cycle of application development services
  • Jobs and Workflow automation
  • System and API integrations
  • Product development with payment gateway integrations.

Platforms: GSuite, App Maker, Zoho, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Amazon and other cloud platforms.

Technologies: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Angular, NodeJS, Java, Python, Nativescript, Electron etc.

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CRM Practices

Zoho CRM Practices

Consultancy, customisation, automation and integration development on Zoho CRM/ other Zoho products

Salesforce CRM Practices

Customisation, app development and integrations on Salesforce CRM

We build customised CRM solutions for our clients

  • Analyse and map requirements
  • Configure and Customise processes
  • Develop and Deploy

Platforms: Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, Custom CRM apps

Technologies: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Angular, NodeJS, Java, Apex, Deluge

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Chatbot Development

Business chatbots are the natural extension of your business for scalability and productivity.

  • Virtual assistants over mobile, web and other platforms
  • Case, Incident, Query, and Ticket management with chat
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Product Cataloging and recommendations
  • Surveys, Feedbacks, and Assessments

Platforms: Google Assistant, Google Actions, Facebook, Slack, DialogFlow, IBM Watson etc

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Product Management / Development

Product management could be daunting, especially if you are a small or medium business. Our expertise will help you manage it with ease.

  • Product strategy, ideation, customer interviews and market analysis
  • Defining features, requirements, context & environment
  • Building roadmaps, release plans
  • MVP and agile development
  • Deployment strategy and implementations

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Digital Marketing & Analytics

It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.

  • Analytics strategy and grooming measurement plan
  • Audit and recommendations
  • Tag management
  • Goals setting & conversion tracking, eCommerce user experience tracking
  • Campaigns management and tracking
  • Adwords ROI tracking and optimizations
  • Custom reporting and dashboards
  • Platform and systems integration

Platforms: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Adwords

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Business Analytics and Visualization

Business decision is not easy, but with decisive analytics and visualization, we make it a cakewalk

  • collect business metrics/ data from various sources
  • build interfaces and connectors for external systems (like CRM, Accounting, Marketing etc) using APIs
  • professionally prepared dashboards and reports

Platforms/ Products: Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio

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