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"Jivrus provides awesome software products, solutions and services to make every business more successful. Jivrus specialises in Cloud, IoT, Bots, Automation, Analytics, and Integration to bring out full potential of your business"

Want to automate your business on the cloud?

Orchestrate your business on cloud platforms with our Solutions

Our solutions

  • Cloud document management solutions
  • Niche CRM solutions
  • Cloud form automation solutions
  • Hiring solutions on the cloud
  • Data & IoT devices visualisation
  • Cloud workflow and integration solutions

Our solutions are time tested and repeatable

Services to Excel

We get you covered

  • When you want to custom build something
  • When you want to extend our solutions
  • When you want consultancy
  • and more...

Simply put, we do software services...

"Jivrus Technologies has been very responsive and flexible during the development and deployment process for our Cloud based publishing platform"

Dave Fogliatti, SharingTree

"Really good add on and the developer has been very responsive to suggestions for additions. Would highly recommend"

with 5 star rating for GSuite QuickBooks add-on product.

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