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What we do?

Jivrus provides awesome software products worldwide to make every business successful. Jivrus specializes in Cloud, Automation, Integration, IoT and Analytics to bring out the full potential of your business.

  • Supercharge Google Docs/ Slides with our add-ons.

  • Powerful automation with Google Forms add-ons.

  • Smoother business with Google Sheets add-ons.


The functionality is great but what I appreciate most is the support I receive for the product. Any issue I have ever had has been addressed. This also includes any requests I've made for new features. The developers work hard and it shows. Everything is handled in a timely and professional manner. I recommend this product for Google Form needs.

~ A user of Form Director

"Amazing and affordable service! Great full stack options. Super swift support and they think with your case for possible features requests. After my request to Jivrus Technologies now they made Stripe automated invoicing and payment processing possible. Never experiences such a good software tool and support."

~ Roy van der Steen

First time using this add-on. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. When I had an issue with Required fields Support was great! They fixed the problem and allowed my doc to function as needed. This is what Customer Service should be! Thank you!

~ Pam Kieslich

This is a great product produced by a team of people that are responsive to their user base. I submitted a request for a addition to functionality that was answered promptly and implemented quickly. Highly recommend.

~ Taylor Smith

This simple to use app is fantastic in meeting an obvious gap in many forms to database processes like ours. More than that though, the developer is very helpful with support.

Just have to say again how good these guys are with fast support. Even in these challenging times!

~ A User of Form Director

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Dec 2015 - The idea 💡

Jan 2019 - Partnered with Zoho

May 2016 - Company launched

Jul 2018 - Launched Form Builder

Apr 2017 - Launch of Fillable Document

Aug 2018 - Launched Map My Sheet

May 2017 - Partnered with Google

Feb 2019 - Launched Sheet Director

Jul 2017 - Launch of Database Browser

May 2020 - Launched Form Presenter

Jan 2018 - Moved into Springboard office space

May 2021 - Launched Worksheet Director

May 2018 - Launched Form Director

Oct 2021 - AppiWorks Platform - Soft launch