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Types of Support

Our primary purpose of support is to assist you in resolving issues, addressing inquiries, and finding resolutions to both technical and non-technical challenges that you may encounter.

Have a look at the types of support that are available.

Watch 'How it Works'

Watch our curated quick videos on "How the product works" to benefit your business or profession.ย 

Our videos can unleash your potential to integrate, automate and grow your business.ย 

Reach out to Sales

You got a question on product benefits, pricing plans, feature, or simply wants to enquire!ย 

Just reach out to our sales team to help you with your decision making.

Ask for a Demo

If you prefer to get on a screen-share call for a demo and personalized discussion with a special attention to your requirement, do schedule a demo here.

You get to know more about how to benefit from our products and their features from one of our experts on the team.

Check Our FAQs

Check our Frequently Asked Questions, which might help you to resolve the issue.

Learn more from what others asked frequently and use their experience.

Got a problem? We are here to resolve

Are you facing any issues with the product? Do you have a question about the product?ย 

Simply create a support request, we will get back to you pretty soon.

Ask us; we will build it for you.

Tell us the feature you are looking for, we will build that for you.

Have a suggestion/ idea to improve/ enhance our product? We keenly listen to from you.

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