Pricing FAQ

Pricing - Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is prepared with the intension of providing answers to all possible questions related to pricing/ subscription that users might face when using Jivrus Products adhering to the agreed Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Can I use this product for free? 

Yes, we offer both free and paid plans to cater to your specific needs. We understand that users may want to explore our services before committing to a paid plan. That's why we provide basic plans with limited quota that are available for free, allowing you to experience our offerings and determine if they meet your requirements. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide the option of a free trial will full features also. Check our pricing plans from the pricing page of our product websites.

What is a subscription? 

Subscription refers to a promise of service from a Jivrus product made available to a customer with the defined features and usage quota for a defined frequency (monthly or yearly) for an amount of money as per the plan.

How do I get a subscription? 

You can get a subscription by selecting a pricing plan of a Jivrus product and paying for it. The available plans are listed in the pricing page of the product’s website. 

How do I purchase a license?

Jivrus Technologies provides multiple convenient options for purchasing our products or add-ons. Here are the different avenues through which you can make a purchase:

Is there any setup fee or hidden charges?

No. There is no setup fee or hidden charges from our side. We want to be transparent and upfront about our pricing structure. At Jivrus Technologies, we do not impose any setup fees or hidden charges. When you engage with our products or services, you can rest assured that there will be no additional costs beyond the stated pricing. 

However, in some countries/regions, there could be a local charge from your bank or payment gateway as per the law of the land and that is beyond our control.

Is my payment safe with you?

Yes, you payment is always safe & secure with us. At Jivrus Technologies, we prioritize the safety and security of your payment transactions. We use Stripe, Razorpay & PayPal as our payment gateway. Check payment gateway security for more details.

What are my payment options?

At Jivrus Technologies, we offer you multiple options for making payments conveniently and securely. We support popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay, ensuring a seamless transaction experience. These trusted payment gateways adhere to stringent security standards to protect your financial information.

We at Jivrus, do not directly accept or store card details used for payments. 

Can I get a quote & pay via purchase order?

We prioritize online payments as our preferred method for convenience and efficiency. When purchasing our products or services, we highly encourage using online payment options, such as credit cards or electronic payment gateways, which provide a secure and streamlined process. 

However, If you are interested in yearly or group plans and you are based in the United States, we offer the option to request a quote and make the payment via a purchase order.

Can I use any PayPal, Stripe or Razorpay account to pay for a subscription?

Yes, you can use Paypal, Stripe or Razor pay account to pay for the subscription 

What is "License to Email" input while making payments?

You can pay from any PayPal or Stripe account to any of your Gmail or Google Workspace accounts (email) for a subscription. Please ensure that "License to Email" is correctly mentioned with the email from which you are going to use Jivrus Products.

On subscription/ purchase, Jivrus products will be licensed to the given "License to Email". So it is very important to give the correct "License to Email"

How to check whether my payment is successful?

After payment is made, you can re-open the product/ add-on/ extension and check the "Account" menu item. This will show whether you are upgraded to the purchased plan (Pro, Premium, Business, Enterprise etc) and show the validity period of the license. 

Your payment (except for group/domain license) is expected to be reflected within a few minutes in our system and your account is expected to be updated with the taken plan and validity period. In case you face any issues, please Contact Support with details of your Account.

How do I get a license after payment?

Once your payment is successfully processed, our system will automatically provision the license associated with the provided email address. This means that you will receive access to the product or add-on using the same email address you provided during the payment process. Using the email address associated with your license, you can proceed to use the product or add-on seamlessly.

Will my license be renewed automatically? 

If you have purchased a subscription for our product or service, it will automatically renew until you decide to cancel it. This means that the subscription will continue without interruption according to the specified billing cycle (e.g., monthly, annually) unless you take action to stop the renewal. 

Is there a one-time payment available instead of a subscription? 

Yes, when making a purchase, you have the option to choose a one-time payment for either a monthly or yearly subscription. This means that instead of opting for automatic recurring payments, you can make a single payment upfront for the selected duration of your subscription. 

How frequently will a subscription renewal happen? 

 Subscription renewal happens based on the plan you have selected (monthly or yearly). 

Can I get a subscription for my team or a group? 

Yes, you can get a subscription for your team/ group. You can subscribe to the domain/ group plan of our products. 

How do I add/ change/ remove a member from my group subscription? 

To add/ remove/ change a member from your group subscription you can follow any of the mentioned steps

Can I use same license from different devices?

Yes. Your license is attached to your email that you provide on "License to Email" field. You can use the license from any device as long as it is logged into the licensed email id.

How do I choose the right plan for me?

At Jivrus Technologies, we understand that selecting the perfect plan is essential to meet your unique needs. To make an informed decision, consider the following factors:

How do I change the licensed email to another?

I accidentally bought the license on a different email account. Can I transfer my license to another email?

You can simply cancel the subscription and take another subscription on the new email if it is a monthly subscription and we can initiate a refund for the duplicate payment on genuine cases

The license is transferrable only for the yearly subscription with a considerable amount of remaining validity period. Please raise a support request using Contact Us by providing details.

Will my service be disconnected immediately on subscription expiry?

What will happen to my service if I canceled the service or renewal payment failed? 

There is an expiry date for your subscription, however you are provided with 2 days of grace period to renew your subscription.

If the renewal procedure fails for any reason such as bank failure or card declined within grace period your service will be discontinued post grace period.     

Upgrade and Downgrade - PayPal

Can I upgrade my plan anytime? 

Yes, you can upgrade a plan from a current plan to another. 

We offer the flexibility to upgrade your plan anytime to better align with your requirements. When you decide to upgrade your plan, a differential amount will be calculated based on a pro-rata basis. This means that the upgrade cost will be prorated according to the remaining duration of your current billing cycle.

Can I downgrade my plan anytime? 

Yes, you can downgrade a plan from a current plan to another. 

We offer the flexibility to downgrade your plan from one paid plan to another. When you decide to downgrade your plan, the change will take effect after the current billing cycle. This means that you will continue to have access to the features and benefits of your existing plan until the end of the current billing period. Once the billing cycle is complete, your plan will be automatically switched to the downgraded plan you have chosen.

How do I upgrade my plan?

When you want to upgrade your plan, you can simply choose a new plan, mention the required email ID and pay for it from the Product GUI or from the Product Website. 

Upgrading to a new plan will automatically cancel your previous subscription.

Note: In case of multiple payments due to multiple subscriptions to the same licensed email, the latest renewal will be reflected in your licensed email account. If you happened to be in this situation, you can cancel unwanted subscriptions and keep only one subscription per licensed email account per product. There is no refund in any of these cases.

If your account is not reflecting your current plan, please Contact Us.

How to upgrade via PayPal Smart?

Step 1: Pay Prorated upgrade charges.

Proration charges occur whenever you start or change service in the middle of a billing period, such as on your first bill, when you make a change to your plan. 

Step 2: Confirm your plan upgrade.

Note: you need to complete the 2nd step to get the new plan reflected.

How to upgrade and downgrade via Stripe?

Upgrades and Downgrades on Stripe are automatically managed by Stripe. As a user, you simply need to choose the right plan for you and click on "Pay with Stripe". 

Stripe will automatically identify whether it is upgrade or downgrade, apply proration as necessary, and guide you through the process.

When the upgrade and downgrade will be effective?

On an upgrade, the new pan will be effective immediately.

On a downgrade, the new plan will be effective from the next billing cycle.

Changing Billing Cycle

There are two billing cycle - Monthly and Yearly (Annual)

Your billing cycle depends on the plan that you have purchased.

Only one billing cycle is applicable at any point in time

How do I switch from a monthly billing cycle to a yearly billing cycle?

To switch from a monthly billing cycle to a yearly billing cycle, you need to purchase a new plan with a yearly billing cycle from the Product GUI or from the Product Website. Then you need to cancel the old monthly subscription.

Cancelling the previous plan is important. Otherwise, you would be charged multiple times during the next billing cycle and your plans would keep switching from one to another as the renewals get executed. You can see all your subscriptions from your PayPal or Stripe account (Refer to the Cancellation procedure below).

How do I switch from a yearly billing cycle to a monthly billing cycle?

It is not advisable to downgrade from a yearly plan to a monthly plan. Rather we would encourage you to downgrade plans which are on the same billing cycle. eg: Yearly Business plan to Yearly Premium or Yearly Premium to Yearly Pro (based on your usage).

Is there any discount available? 

Yes, when you purchase a yearly subscription with us, you are entitled to a special discount of 2 months free, which effectively provides you with a 16% discount compared to the monthly subscription rate. This means that by opting for the annual payment option, you receive two months of service at no additional cost, representing significant savings over the course of the year.

Additionally, we understand that there are cases where multiple users or domains within an organization may require our services. In such situations, we provide group discounts on group or domain plans.

Do you offer any special discounts for educational institutions or non-profits? 

Currently, we do not offer specific discounts for educational institutions or non-profit organizations. Our pricing structure is designed to be fair and consistent across all customers, ensuring equal access to our products and services. 


Can I cancel my subscription anytime? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellation video 3 - Made with Clipchamp.mp4

Option 1: Cancel From Jivrus Customer Portal

You can cancel your subscription at any time from Jivrus portal

Cancellation Journey

You will get the success message of cancellation and the notification mail

Option 2: Cancel From Product

You can cancel your subscription at any time right from your product.

Option 3: Cancel From Payment Gateway


You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account. 


You can refer to the step-by-step guide from PayPal here


You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your Stripe account. 

The user is in full control of maintaining subscriptions all the time. And it is the responsibility of users to cancel the subscription on time when they do not need it further.

There is no refund for an already paid subscription, but there will be no further subscription fee charged when you cancel the subscription.

NOTE: If you still need help in cancelling or need information, you can Contact Us. 

Will you provide a refund?

No, Once payment is made, we generally do not offer refunds unless the payment was made in error, resulting in duplicate charges. In such cases, we are happy to assist you in resolving the issue and processing a refund for the duplicate payment.

However, it's important to note that cancelling your subscription will ensure that no future automatic charges are made. When you choose to cancel your subscription, you will not be billed for any subsequent billing cycles.

Is there any cancellation fee?

No. There is no cancellation fee.

Can I still access the product after cancellation? 

Yes, you can access Jivrus products till your current subscription validity expires. 

Can I subscribe again after 2 months of cancellation?

Yes, you can subscribe again anytime after cancellation. Your new subscription period starts from current date or existing validity end date (whichever is later)

Billing Information and Card Change

How do I change billing information to the subscription? 

Users can change the billing information anytime from the customer portal

3. There you will see a billing address edit option. With that, you can update your billing address.

How do I change my card used for subscription payments? 

Change/update card in PayPal 

From your PayPal app, here's how to update your card information:

From your computer, here's how:

Change/update card in Stripe

*** This is applicable only if you have subscribed via Stripe

From your Account:

Can I change the payment gateway?

Yes, you can change the payment gateway at any time

To change the payment gateway, you can simply visit the pricing page on our website.
From there, you will have access to the necessary information and options to select a different payment gateway that suits your requirements. 

How do I change my payment method(e.g. change of credit card)?

We offer you the flexibility to change the payment method for your subscription conveniently through our Customer Portal.

The Customer Portal provides a user-friendly interface where you can manage various aspects of your subscription, including payment-related settings. 

How do I change the card information, when I have just paid only through the card, not with any payment gateway or vice versa?


How to I get an invoice for my purchase?

Users can now download their invoice whenever they require it, and here are the steps to be followed in order to download the invoice.

4. If you have purchased through Paypal/Paypal Smart, then follow step 5, if purchased through Stripe then follow step 6  (You can refer to the gateway column in the transaction table).

5. For Paypal/Paypal-Smart - Click on the view invoice and that will open in a new tab, you will see the invoice details now, to download press Ctrl + P, save as PDF and choose the location to save the invoice.

6. For Stripe - Click on the view invoice and this will open another tab where you can download the invoice with one click.


Can I pay through any other way other than PayPal, Stripe or Razorpay?

No, In general. Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay are our default payment gateways. purchase orders are applicable when you're trying to opt for yearly individual or Domain/Group licenses.

Support & Compliances

How do I get support?

We provide multiple channels through which you can receive support for any inquiries or assistance you may need. The available support channels are Email, Whatsapp, Facebook chat etc. 

Check our support page for more details.