Do I need a Google Account to use 

Jivrus Products?

As a valued user of Jivrus Technologies' products, you may be wondering whether you need a Google account to access and utilize our innovative Google Workspace Add-ons. This article aims to clarify the requirements for using Google Workspace add-ons and to provide guidance on the options available for users with non-Google accounts. 

The Google Account Requirement

Consumer Google Account:

Jivrus Technologies' products, including our Google Workspace Add-ons, are primarily designed to seamlessly integrate with Google's ecosystem. Therefore, if you already have a consumer Google account (a Gmail account, for instance), you're all set to begin using our products without any additional steps. 

Google Workspace Account:

For users who are part of organizations and utilize Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), our products offer even greater functionality and integration. Google Workspace accounts provide a more robust set of collaboration and productivity tools, making the combination with Jivrus products a powerful solution for businesses and teams. In this case also, you do not need any additional steps.

Using Jivrus Products with Non-Google Accounts

Using a Google account is the simple way to use Jivrus Products that are running on the Google Workspace environment. While Google accounts are the most straightforward way to access our products, we understand that not everyone may have one. If you don't have a Google account and prefer to use a non-Google email address, you still have options:

Option 1. Create a new Google Account:

If you're open to the idea, creating a Google account is a relatively simple process. Visit Google's account creation page to get started. Once you have a Google account, you can easily access and use Jivrus Technologies' products.

Option 2. Create a Google Account with your existing non-Google email address

If you are part of an organization that uses a non-Google email domain but wants to use Google Workspace add-ons from the official email address, you can still register a Google account using your non-Google email address. Simply follow the steps to create Google account using existing email. Once these steps are followed, you can login using your non-Google official email address to login into Google. 


In conclusion, the need for Google Workspace products depends on your requirements. While using a Google account offers a seamless experience and enhanced functionality, options exist for users with non-Google accounts. Whether you choose to create a new Google account or create a Google account with your existing email address, you can use Google Workspace add-ons.