Domain Registration

You need and to establish your business identity on the Internet

Register a Domain

A domain name is an identification on the Internet. Typically domain names is chosen based on company, brand, product. For example is the domain name based on our company Jivrus Technologies.

Domain registration is an act of reserving / acquiring domain name from domain name registrar.

Domain name registrar is a company that manages reservation of domain names.

When you need a domain name, you need to approach the domain name registrar to reserve domain name for you. Typically there is a fee associated with the domain name registration. The fee varies on type of the domain name, duration of registration, privacy, hosting or any other added services that you take.

Typical business domain comes with .com extension like

Key Criteria for choosing Domain Registrar

  • Performance and Fast loading/ redirection

  • Intuitive and easy to use GUI

  • Unlimited DNS entries

  • Free or discounted price to start

  • Support

1. GoDaddy (

GoDaddy is a popular domain registrar.

We have registered several domains for ourselves and for our clients in

Easy to get started.

The domain management GUI is not very intuitive for beginners to do advanced settings.

2. Google Domains (

♡ Our Preferred Choice ♡

Google has recently (2015) launched it's own domain registration service. Though it is in beta (Google is known to keep beta tag for several years on some of it's products), the process is incredibly simple and easy to use for new comers.

Due to the ease of use and tight integration with other Google services, of late, we started using Google's domain registration service and we recommend it to our clients.

Other Popular Domain Registrars

We are not using them. Feel free to explore if you need, but I feel it is not necessary for small business.

Note: You can always transfer your domain from one registrar to other later if you need to.

Network Solutions


InMotion Hosting



Get Your Domain Email

It will be authentic and professional to have email id rather than or when interacting with your customers or potential customers.

You can get email hosted by your

  • domain registrar or

  • as part of an office solution or

  • a separate mail hosting provider

In some cases, the domain registrar go above and beyond to provide you mail hosting, web hosting, databases, etc. It may be easy to start there, but take an informed decision on how scaleable it is.

I suggest you read more before jumping to decision.