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1. Register your domain

The first thing a business need in today's internet world is to get a website for the business. To get a business website, you need to register your domain. (Also, legally register your company as per the law of the land).

Tip: Keep the business' legal name and domain name same or similar.

2. Choose an Office Solution

Once your domain is registered, think about the following

  • Website - design/ develop your site and host in the internet.
  • Email - having email for yourself and your team is important.
  • Preparing documents
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calendar
  • Text and Video Chat

For small business, I recommend going with an office solution.

3. Give a good start to your Finance

Start your book keeping right from the beginning even if you are just a single person in the business. Monitoring your cashflow (inflow and outflows) is imperative to any business owner. You need up-to-date book keeping to do that.

Choose few tools that helps. There are FREE tools to start (and keep going).

4. Enable Productivity

coming soon

5. Enable Customer Relationship

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6. Ensure Customer Success through Support

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