Branding Kit

Welcome to our branding kit! 

Our brand is an important asset and we want to ensure that it is used consistently and correctly across all channels. This branding kit provides guidelines for the use of our company logo, product logos, color palette, typography, and other design elements to maintain consistency and coherence across all marketing and reference materials.

Company Logo

Our logo is the visual embodiment of our brand's values, personality, and mission. It's the culmination of months of careful thought, research, and design work, aimed at creating a unique and memorable symbol that captures the essence of our company.

3D Logo

Perfectly proportionate logo

Monochrome in dark background 

Monochrome in light background 

     Without Jivrus text

Plain Logo

Perfectly proportionate logo

Monochrome in dark background 

Monochrome in light background 

 Without Jivrus text

Text Logo

Perfectly proportionate text logo

Monochrome in dark background 

Monochrome in dark background 

Products Logo

Products Text Logo

Products Banner

Form Builder for Docs

Form Builder for Sheets

Form Builder Plus

Fillable Document for Sheets

Fillable Document for Slides


Primary Colours

Primary  Red

RGB(208  23  23)
CMYK(12  100  100  3) PANTONE(48-16 C) 

Primary  Green
RGB(148 188  57)
CMYK(48  7  100  0) PANTONE(160-16 C)

Primary Blue
RGB(9  61 105)
CMYK(100  81  34  21) PANTONE(108-15 C)

Primary Yellow
RGB(231 130  1)
CMYK(57  58  100  1) PANTONE(24-8 C)

Light Shades

Light Red

RGB(255  102  102)
CMYK(0  75  52  0)  PANTONE(55-6 C)

Light Green 

RGB(174  206  87)
CMYK(36  2  84  0)  PANTONE(157-7 C)

Light Blue 

RGB(35  136  204)
CMYK(78  37  0  0)  PANTONE(106-6 C)

Light Yellow 

RGB(255  170  85)
CMYK(0  39  74  0)  PANTONE(20-6 C)

Secondary Colours

RGB (0 0 0)

CMYK (75 68 67 90)


RGB (255 255 255)

CMYK (0 0 0 0)



Audiowide is a sans serif, technology-styled, typeface composed of soft corner tubular forms. With vague nods to letter styles like that of Handel Gothic and the Converse logo, Audiowide veers off in a direction of its own for a slightly more techno-futuristic and yet cleanly readable typestyle.

Partners Logo

Partners logo shall be used only by Jivrus authorized partners

Technology Partner Logo

Integration Partner Logo

Marketing and Sales Partner Logo

Content Partner Logo

Powered by Logo

Perfectly proportionate logo

Monochrome in light background

Monochrome in dark background