Our History

The history

Dec 2015 - The idea 💡

It all started on a cold winter* during the Christmas holidays of 2015. It was a casual chat with a non-tech-savvy business owner in the USA. He had more software than what a small business needs, but still not happy with those. 

It sparked an idea. People already have software; they just need enablers to make those software work for them. The idea I have been longing for.

May 2016 - Company launched

Apr 2016 - Groundworks for Jivrus Technologies May 2016 - Jivrus Technologies started and registered legally as a business in India.

Jivrus Technologies is a self-funded (bootstrapped) startup.

Some background from the founder:Jan 2016 - When you have enough thirst for entrepreneurship bubbled up over several years,  you just need a few morons in the corporate world who rough you on the wrong side (no matter what you do) bursting the bubble. Thanks to those for making 'the bubble burst in me' for good. Believing in God, I put my papers on 3rd Feb 2016 and eventually left on 8th Apr 2016 - too good days to note.

Jan 2017 - Launch of the first product 

Google Sheets to QuickBooks integration launched on Google Marketplace. The product is later expanded into Sheet Director integrating with 50+ apps.

Apr 2017 - Launch of Fillable Document 

An innovative way to make your Google Docs/ Slides / Sheets as interactive apps on the web.

May 2017 - Partnered with Google

Became a Google Cloud Technology Partner. 

Google recognized our products for Cloud and SaaS initiative partnerships.

Jul 2017 - Launch of Database Browser

A product that lets you work with any databases right from Google Sheets -  Query and edit database table from Sheets

Jan 2018 - Moved into Springboard office space

Started building a bigger team.

Started developing more products with the aim to make automation easier for Google workspace/ consumer users

Year 2018 - Launched 3 new products

May 2018 - Launched Form Director that lets you send your Google Form responses to any application.

Jul 2018 - Launched Form Builder that helps you to build Google Forms quickly

Aug 2018 - Launched Map My Sheet that visualizes your data on Google Sheets on a map.

Jan 2019 - Partnered with Zoho 

Partnered with Zoho and launched Google Sheets Extension for Zoho CRM. This technology partnership with Zoho is a long term strategic partnership that exposes our products to Zoho platform customers.

Feb 2019 - Launched Sheet Director

Sheet Director helps to integrate Google Sheets to query, post and, synchronize with 50+ apps

May 2020 - Launched Form Presenter

A struggling teacher during the covid pandemic inspired us to build a Form Presenter that helps educators to conduct online tests with Google Forms.

May 2021 - Launched Worksheet Director

Worksheet Director integrates Microsoft Excel with a number of applications

Oct 2021 - Soft launch of AppiWorks - iPaaS & aPaaS platform

AppiWorks is a flagship platform product. It works as iPaaS and aPaaS to immensely make business easier and successful.

And keep progressing and enjoying the journey of making history...