G Suite Products

G Suite - Add-on products run on Google G Suite platform to enable Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides and other G Suite apps to the full potential and to automate your business process.

Start your business automation from your Google Doc or Slide

Our cloud based document template processing products "Fillable Document" and "Fillable Slide" make your existing Google Document into a fillable forms to produce templated documents. And make it is easy to produce quotes, estimates, proposals, agreement, contract, certificate, and literally any form of document that you need.

Fillable Document

Fillable Document

Makes Google document as live Fillable form to store data, generate document and publish.

46000+ users

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Fillable Slide

Make your Google Slide a live Fillable Form to store, publish and deliver.

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Get business done by powering up Google Form

Form Director

Direct Google Form submitted data to apps within and outside GSuite platform.

7000+ users

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Form Builder

Build your Google Form quickly from your existing Google Form, Sheet, Doc & Slide

9000+ users

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Form Builder for Sheets

Form Builder exclusively designed for Google Sheets. Works on side bar of Google Sheets


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Super charge your Google Sheet

Play with your Database from Google Sheet

Database Browser

Database Browser

Connect and query your Database; auto-refresh and edit it right from Google sheet.

15000+ users

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Put your business data on the map

Map My Sheet

Build awesome maps from your Google Sheet data within few seconds

4000+ users

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Channelize data flow across Google Sheets

Sheet Director

Automatically distribute data from one Google Sheet to other by segmenting data


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Gmail add-on

Connect the world of applications from right inside Gmail.

Jivrus Mail Director

Collect and direct data from your Gmail message to Google Docs and Google Sheets and much more applications in the future.

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G Suite - Web App Products

G Suite web apps products are written in Google Apps Script and run in G Suite platform as web application. Leverage G Suite apps and services as backbone powering your web applications.

Launch Apps with Google Sheets as Database

App Studio

Launch your custom Web App with one click with your spreadsheet data.


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Jivrus Integra Products

Integra products are integration mechanism between platforms, systems and application for smoother interoperability.

Meet the world of apps from GSuite through Integra

Integra for QuickBooks

Pulls your Quick Books Data into Google Sheets and lets you play around with it

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Integra for FreshBooks

Pulls your Fresh Books Data into Google Sheets and lets you play around with it

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Integra for Xero

Pulls your Xero Data into Google Sheets and lets you play around with it

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Integra for Zoho

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Integrate Google Sheets and Zoho and pull data from Zoho apps into Google Sheets