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Small Business Toolkit - Welcome note

Welcome to Small Business Toolkit !

It needs guts to start and run a business and a lot of efforts to be successful. Especially when you start a small business with no business background and no big investments or sponsors to back you.

Few years being in this route, I would like to bring the optimum tools in my experience that helps the business to run better. Warning: It is going to be highly opinionated, cost-effective solutions that worked for me and that I feel it will be work for you.

There are few criteria on which I selected the tools

  • Runs on Cloud

    • always on,

    • multiuser, multi device, etc

    • Yeah, I do not own any servers any more (except for an IBM server that lying as antique piece in my house, collecting dust - don't ever buy a server; not any more)

  • FREE

    • Free or

    • Very much affordable,

    • SaaS

  • Secure - no explanation required !

Before, jumping in to the tools, let me list the important functions of Small Business. Being in software business, I orient these functions towards software, but you should be able to align it to your business very easily.

  • Office Suites

  • Finance

  • Productivity

  • Product Management

  • Engineering

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Service

  • Customer Relationship

  • Project Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Human Resources

Throughout the series of this Small Business - Toolkit articles, I classify the tools into one or more functions. The tools and usage are based on my experience and only based on my experience. I believe the articles help you to achieve better results in whatever that you are doing in your business.

Best wishes for your business success.

May Lord bless you.

Michaes Subramanian,

Director and CoFounder of Jivrus Technologies

Pushing everyday to make things better.