Forming Team

Forming a team for a small business, especially a tech business is difficult. Attracting the right talent and retaining them is the greatest challenge when small businesses are trying to establish its own existence.


Some of the useful ways to attract talent into small business

  • Highlight your vision, mission and passion to attract like-minded people

  • Highlight the unique benefit - like technology, salary, work environment etc

Where to post job

  1. Your own website - a simple Google Form could collect the details

  2. Job sites

  3. Social Media is your friend - Post job opportunity on LinkedIn, Facebook,

  4. Online tools - WhatsApp, Telegram groups

  5. Traditional - Use a Consultancy service

Pro Tip: Use Form Director to capture candidate details, generate resume pdf and send response to candidate


Once you started attracting talent, you need to assess and pick the right candidate and offer the job.


  • Provide self-learning

  • Conduct Training

  • Assess the learning

You can use Form Presenter to conduct assessment on learning.
Form Presenter simply turns any Google Form into a timer controlled, invigilated assessment.