Support Categories

Support refers to the assistance, guidance, and resources provided to customers or users of a product, service, or system. It involves helping customers resolve issues, answering their questions, and providing solutions to technical or non-technical problems they may encounter. Support can be offered through various channels such as email, phone, live chat, documentation, or knowledge bases. It is typically provided by a dedicated support team or department that specializes in addressing customer concerns and ensuring their satisfaction. 

We at Jivrus Technologies provide two types of support

Standard Support

Standard support provides timely assistance and guidance to address customer queries, issues, and technical difficulties. It aims to resolve concerns effectively and deliver satisfactory solutions within a reasonable timeframe.

Who is eligible to get standard support?

At Jivrus Technologies, standard support is accessible to every customer, regardless of their background, subscription level, or account type. Whether you are a new customer seeking guidance on product features, an existing user with technical questions, or someone encountering challenges while using our solution, you are eligible to receive standard support.

Standard support is open to all customers, irrespective of their background or account type. 

Both Standard support & Priority Support options are designed to meet our customers' requirements and ensure a positive experience when utilizing our products or services. We strive to deliver comprehensive support to help our customers maximize their productivity, overcome challenges, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Standard Support Criteria

Response Time

1 business day

Resolution Time

5 business days

Permanent Resolution

4 calendar weeks

Feature Request Submission

Acknowledge, Research & Reply

Support Calls with Screen Share

Decided by the support team based on the situation

Priority Support

Priority support is a specialized level of assistance offered to customers who seek enhanced responsiveness and expedited resolution of their inquiries or issues. It provides a higher level of priority and personalized attention to ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution. 

Who is eligible for Priority Support?

At Jivrus Technologies, priority support is available to customers who have chosen Business & Enterprise plans. It is designed to cater to the needs of customers who require faster response times, dedicated resources, and enhanced support options.

Customers who choose Business & Enterprise plan receive preferential treatment in terms of response times, resolution time, extended support hours, or screen share calls, etc.

Priority Support Criteria

Response Time

4 business hours

Resolution Time

2 business days

Permanent Resolution

2 calendar weeks

Feature Request Submission

Acknowledge, Research & provide timely updates on the progress

Support Calls with Screen Share

Customer can schedule screen share calls on their requirement

Support KPIs

Response time: Response time refers to the duration it takes for a support team to acknowledge and respond to a customer's inquiry or request for assistance. 

Resolution time: Resolution time refers to the duration it takes for a support team to resolve a customer's inquiry, issue, or request. 

Permanent Resolution time: Permanent resolution time refers to the duration it takes for a support team to provide a long-term or permanent solution to a customer's inquiry, issue, or request 

Basic Support

An elementary level of support is provided to the customers to resolve their problems, and the support is provided based on the customer support agent's availability at the best.