Use Cases

Sample VALID use cases for fighting Coronavirus with our products

Form Director - provides quick automation from Google Forms

    • Set up a form to collect COVID-19 support requests from communities and automatically send a template email or communicate to the relevant action group's slack channel.
    • Setup a form to auto-generate a PDF of templated guidelines to prevent Corona infection and email it.
    • Set up a form that creates a Trello Card work item for COVID-19 volunteers to fulfill.

Map My Sheet - present Google Sheets data on Google Maps

    • Present potential Coronavirus cases area-wise on Google Maps based on your data from Google Sheets.
    • Present COVID-19 volunteers info on Google Maps

Form Builder - make Google Forms from existing docs

    • Build a Google Form from an existing questionnaire in a Google Doc on self check Corona symptoms.
    • Create a Google Form from predefined Google Sheets to quickly build a Coronovirus support request form.

Sample INVALID use cases

  • I am teacher, staying at home, want to use Jivrus Products for teaching my students - INVALID for free claim
  • I have a small online business. Due to lock down, our team is working from home, I want to use Jivrus Products - INVALID for free claim
  • Anything that is not directly supporting the fight against Corona is INVALID use case for free claim

Please do not apply for free claims for these invalid use cases.

If you are using Jivrus Products to support the fight against the Coronavirus share it with us below.

If you are familiar with Jivrus Products and you want to let the people know how to make use of it for fighting Coronavirus, please let us know by submitting the form below. We are providing free license for valid claims.