Manual Invoice - Process

Note: This is applicable for only Indian Customers who cannot pay via PayPal

What is Manual Invoice?

Users from India who cannot pay via PayPal can raise a Manual Invoice Request to pay via UPI / NEFT/ IMPS

How to make a manual invoice request?

I) Identify the product and plan that you want to purchase.

Example: Form Director and Premium plan

II) Goto pricing page on the product website


For the Form Director product, the web page is

For the Database Browser product, the web page is

III) Click on "Request Manual Invoice" on the identified plan on the Pricing Page

See the sample below. You will notice "Request Manual Invoice" below "Pay with PayPal" button.
You need to use that on the Pricing Page (not on the below image illustration)

IV) It will open Manual Invoice Request Form. Follow the Steps mentioned in the form

Steps mentioned in the Manual Invoice Request Form

Step 1: Fill this form with correct details and submit

Step 2: You will get an email in a minute with payment instructions to pay via IMPS or UPI

Step 3: Make the payment

Step 4: Reply to the email with the screenshot of the payment

Step 5: Jivrus Support team will provide the license and reply.
Allow up to 1 business hour on weekdays and 4 business hours on weekends/holidays to process the payment.
(Business hours is 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, requests outside the business hours will be processed the next day)